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Our Fleet

We have a modern and diversified fleet that will meet your needs so you can visit our island with all the security and comfort enjoying the beautiful scenery.

Quality and Simplicity

Our team always offers all our customers the highest quality of our services as well as the simplicity in the process of renting the car.

24 Hour Assistance

If needed, our company has 24H assistance service and we will deal with the whole process in a simple, quiet and fast way so that you can enjoy your stay.

Discover Faial with us

With a length of 19.8 kilometers and a maximum width of 14 kilometers, the 173.1 km2 Faial area presents a thick pentagonal shape. It is the third most inhabited island of the archipelago, with 14 994 residents (data of 2011). The island of Faial is part of the Central Group and is the westernmost point of the so-called “triangle islands”, together with São Jorge and the island of Pico, from which it is 6 km. The highest point of the island, at 1043 m altitude, is located at Cabeço Gordo, in the Caldeira area, at 38 ° 34’34 ” north latitude and 28 ° 42’47 ” west longitude.

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