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Rental Conditions and Informations

a) Minimum rental
One day(part of a day,either at star or end or rental,is considered a rental day in each case).

b) Age(minimum)
21 years and 1 year of driving experience.

c) Cancellations
For confirmed rentals must be made at least 3 days before date of starting.

d) Bookings
The rental date (Delivery and colletion dates,etc, are binding).

e) Payment
The minimum deductable is stated on the total cost of renting days and extra fees.

f) Documents and equipment
The car is delivered with sealed speedmeter. Normal tools, one spare wheel five tires duly marked and without visible defects and car license.

g) Maintenance
The client is responsable for the good use and maintenance of the car and undertakes moreover to check the oil,the battery, the fire pressure,the water level at the radiator.

h) Return of the car
Rental ends on the day fixed and indicated in the contract signed by client. Car is to be returned in the same conditions as delivered apart from normal wear. If the clients desires to change the contracted rental terms, he must obtain the necessary approval from the company at least three days before the original contracted date of return.

i) Damages
All cars are delivered in perfect conditions. The damage in the car not caused by a normal wear is the responsability oif the driver. Any damage caused by shock at the inferior part of the vehicle,aluminium wheel and drain plugs will be the responsability of the customer.

j) Accidents
In case of accidents,the client must inform the rental company by telephone (confirming by letter) within 24 hours and also undertakes to have the case immediately investigated by competent authorities.

k) General Rules
The client is obliged to use the car personally and thought to respect the laws in the countries where he is travelling.

l) Paid by renter
Petrol,garanging and washing during rental period. All fines during rental.

m) Insurance
The rental price includes unlimited coverage of public liability until agreed amount.

n) Collision Damage Waiver
The renter is responsible for any damage caused to the Horta Rent vehicle as the result of an accident.
The renter may accept the collision damage waiver (CDW) clause by paying an additional charge,in which case he will only be liable up to the minimum excess amount for damage to the vehicle.
However, even if the renter accepts the CDW clause, he is always liable for any accidents occuring in situations involving intent or serious negligence such as driving under the influence of alcohol, narcotics or any other substances affecting his capacity for reaction as well as in case of serious breaches of the highway code and supplementary legislation in force.

o) Thief,Fire or Acts of Vandalism (TP)
In the event of the theft of a Horta Rent vehicle or of parts there of fire or acts of vandalism,the renter shall be responsible for all damages caused.

The renter may accept the theft protection (TP) clause by paying an additional charge, in which case he is no longer obliged to pay for all damages over and above the minimum excess.

Even if the renter has subscribed to the TP clause,he is always liable for damages resulting from situations involving the misuse or misappropriation of the Horta Rent vehicle,its usage by an unauthorized additional driver and whenever the renter acts with intent or serious negligence,such as leaving the vehicle with the key in the ignition and/or the doors or windows opened.

p) Super SCDW
the client that has acquired the SCDW,CDW and TP will be reducing the value obligatory deductible by the maximum obligatory deductible in the value of 50.00€.

q) WDW -Windscreen Damage Waiver
This coverage provide if purchased in the beginning of the rental no charge for windscreen damage.

The present text reflects the Horta Rent Standard Terms and Conditions. It seeks to inform the renter of the procedures to be adopted in the event of an accident,theft,fire or acts of vandalism. It does not exclude the reading of the Horta Rent Standard Terms and Conditions which are obligatory to read.

Failure to comply with these obligations shall be the sole responsability of the renter,even if the latter has subscribed to CDW (Collision Damage Waiver),SCDW (DE – Deductible Exemption), WDW (Windscreen Damage Waiver) and/or TP (Theft Protection) clauses.

The rental ends- on the fixed day by the client. If a prorrogation is required,the same must be asked in advance and duly paid for accordingly, otherwise he will be driving without being insured and will be holding the car undly. Any fees and penalties originated by infrigement of the prevalling laws and regulations, are of the clientsown responsability.

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